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COMM - Museum for Communication
Now on display in the museum: Paper Magic

We have been using paper for centuries. At first with only words, such as letters and books. Then also with images, for example with maps or magazines. Now there is even interactive paper and you can make sound with it! This way we link paper to the internet and your smartphone. Are you coming?

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What does COMM
has to offer?


COMM (the new Museum for Communication) in The Hague is the place where you experience the influence of communication. In November 2017, the museum reopened after a major renovation. As a visitor, you undergo the impact of communication on you and your environment. You experience and learn.

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Meetings & events

COMM is an inspiring location for a conference, meeting, dinner, or (press) conference. Based in the vibrant heart of The Hague, COMM offers attractive and modern spaces for 6 to 800 people. The offer consists of luxurious meeting rooms, a webcast studio, one of the largest newsrooms in Europe and the monumental Theosophy Temple.

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COMM offers educational programs for schools. In our workshops and day programs you develop communication skills that you can use for the rest of your life. Learn to understand the art of communication in COMM.



Currently there are no COMM Live events planned.
Keep an eye on the page for upcoming events.