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Vision & Mission


Communication makes the difference. In what we believe and what we do. From crossed arms to a hand on a shoulder. From shouting in anger to whispers full of love. From miscommunication to people who just need a single word to understand each other. Communication can cause incomprehension or connection. Communicating well is an art. 

We are impressed by the impact of communication and the lighting-fast technology that simultaneously makes communication easier and considerably more complex. 

We always communicate, wherever we are. It is strange to see how little you learn about communication at school and how we rarely pay attention to it at work. At COMM, communication gets the stage it deserves. 


We were able to take our mission straight from the Articles of association, which were drawn up in 1929: The museum seeks to provide a vibrant platform where the present, past and future of communication can be experienced and interpreted by a broad audience. 

Nowadays, we might also say: COMM shows you that communication is eternal and omnipresent. We hold up a mirror and let you experience how and why communication is a significant part of who you are and how you are perceived by others. 

For whom? 

We all communicate. So COMM is here for everyone. We are here for 12-year-olds who can navigate social media with ease and for 18-year-olds looking to lock down their dream job. For teachers who want to improve the dynamics in their class and for professionals looking to interact and discuss, learning new ways to tackle old problems. 

Communication from a new perspective 

We make communication a surprising experience, one that you can think and talk about. When you leave COMM, you will have a better understanding of how you communicate with the world and how the world communicates back. From now on, you will never look at yourself and the world in quite the same way.