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COMM Academy

COMM is the place where you learn to understand the art of communication. Our educational programs offers practical tools to develop communication skills and to keep up with the digital world.

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Workshops tailored for
different education type

Primary school

View various communication workshops for primary education. Think of presenting, using the internet and social media, and recognizing fake news.

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Secondary education

Various workshops are offered for secondary education. Presenting, safe surfing, vlogging and other forms of behavior on social media are discussed.

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For the MBO and HBO, various workshops are offered that give pupils practical tools to keep up with the digital world. Think of applying, making present a video CV, for example, and profiling online.

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Other workshops
and training

Private: De masterclass 21st Century Skills

Speciaal voor leraren die zich willen bekwamen op het gebied van de 21st Century Skills biedt de COMM Academy, samen met haar partners, een bijzondere masterclass aan. In verschillende trainingsdagen én een online module brengen …

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Private: Jouw leerlingen in één dag klaar voor de toekomst?

Laat je leerlingen deelnemen aan het ‘Future proof’ programma. In één dag worden ze klaargestoomd voor de toekomst. Ze gaan in verschillende workshops aan de slag met de 11 vaardigheden van de 21st Century Skills. …

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