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The Museum for Communication addresses the impact of communication on human kind and society. We strive to approach this topic from as many different angles as possible, creating awareness of this impact among as broad an audience as possible.

All activities organised by the museum are focused on this single mission. The concept of impact is key to the museum. All topics addressed in the museum revolve around the question: what is, was and will be the effect of communication on human kind and society in our everyday lives and the world around us? It might be a technological or financial effect, but it could just as easily be psychological, sociological or anthropological. In order to address the impact of communication, the museum also focuses on which means of communication people use and what they communicate about.

The museum asks questions and strives to create awareness of communication among its audience. The museum does not seek to define or judge, but wishes only to fulfil this role in society. 

Staff remuneration policy

Staff members of the Museum for Communication are remunerated in accordance with the Terms of Employment for the Museum for Communication, which are generally equivalent to the salary grades and scales specified in the Collective Labour Agreement for Independent National Museums (Verzelfstandigde Rijksmusea). 

RSIN / fiscal number: NL8002.11.881.B.01 

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The comprehensive Annual Report for 2017 is available on request. Please send us an e-mail for more information.