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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about online tickets

Is your payment process secure? 

Yes, every page of the payment process is secured with an SSL certificate which can be recognised by the https:// protocol. While your payment is being processed, your data are protected by our partner Ayden. 

How and when will I receive my ticket(s)? 

You will receive an e-mail a few minutes after your order has been paid and completed. Your ticket(s) will be attached to this e-mail as a PDF file. If you still have not received your tickets after a few hours, make sure to check your spam folder first. Find nothing? Please contact our customer service on +31 (0)20 893 43 38. 

Do I need to print my ticket(s)? 

You can show your ticket(s) on your smartphone or print them and bring them with you. Whatever is most convenient for you. 

For how long will my ticket remain valid? 

Your ticket will remain valid for the period of time specified on the ticket. A museum ticket will remain valid for up to one month after your preferred date. 

Why should I buy my ticket(s) in advance? 

Doing so lets you plan your visit. It will also save you time, as you will not have to wait in line to buy a ticket. If you have a ticket, you will be able to enter the museum straight away. 

Can I buy a discounted ticket online? 

Yes, you can. If you have a CJP discount card, you can also buy your tickets online. To do so, select a discounted ticket. Do not forget to bring your discount card and the ticket when visiting COMM. We will check your ticket as well as your discount card.

Holders of an Ooievaarspas can buy their tickets at the ticket desk upon showing the pass. 

Why do I have to pick a date? 

If you buy a ticket online, we ask you to specify a preferred date. This lets us know when you are planning to visit COMM, so we can provide you with accurate information. If you change your mind and would like to visit on another date, you can still visit the museum within 1 calendar month after the specified date. 

Can I buy a ticket as a present? 

Yes, you can. To do so, select the ‘Buy ticket as present’ option. This ticket will remain valid for three months. 

Can I exchange unused tickets or get a refund? 

No, unused tickets cannot be exchanged and will not be refunded. Your tickets will remain valid until one month after the specified date. 

My ticket is not legible (anymore). What can I do? 

Your ticket must be legible. At the entrance, we use a scanner to check the unique QR code on your ticket. As such, it is important that your ticket is not torn, wrinkled or creased. You can also show us your ticket on your smartphone. 

What if I cannot order tickets online? 

If you cannot order your ticket(s) online, try again later. Of course, you can also contact us. We are happy to help. You can contact us on +31 (0)70 330 75 00 from Monday to Friday 

General questions about museum tickets


What are the possibilities for a visit with a group or school class? 

You can buy one or more group or family-and-friends tickets. If you would like to turn your visit into an all-in outing, or if you are looking to organise a class trip, please contact us to discuss the details. 

Can I also buy a ticket at the ticket desk? 

You can buy a ticket at the COMM ticket desk during our opening hours that is valid only on the day of purchase. We only accept card payments. 

Where can I buy tickets? 

You can buy tickets at the COMM ticket desk or on our website. On our website, you can buy online tickets. COMM only accepts card payments. 

How much does a ticket cost? 

An adult ticket (16 years and older) costs € 14.50; tickets for children aged 8-15 are € 7.50 and tickets for children aged 4-7 are € 4.00. Children under 4 years old may enter the museum for free, but do need a special ticket. 

Do I have to buy a ticket if my child is under the age of 4? 

Yes, you can request a ticket online and at the ticket desk. This ticket is free. We can, however, ask you to provide proof of your child’s age. 

Is my Museumkaart (Museum Card) valid at COMM? 

Yes, a Museum Card allows for free admission to COMM. We do ask that you request a (free) ticket at the COMM ticket desk. You will need both a ticket and a Museum Card to enter COMM. 

Will my ticket be refunded if I have to leave early due to unforeseen circumstances? 

No, your ticket will remain valid during COMM’s opening hours. Unfortunately, we cannot take unforeseen circumstances into account. It is possible to enter the museum several times with one ticket on one day. 

Questions about COMM Live tickets


Can I also buy a ticket for COMM Live at the ticket desk? 

You can also buy tickets for one or more COMM Live events at the COMM ticket desk during our opening hours. Note: some topics are very popular. If you want to be sure of a seat, buy your ticket online. 

Where can I buy tickets for COMM Live? 

You can buy tickets on our website and at the COMM ticket desk. Online ticket sales close one hour before the start of the event. You can always buy tickets at the ticket desk. 

How much does a COMM Live ticket cost? 

COMM Live tickets are € 9.50 (incl. VAT). If you happen to have a business meeting in one of our rooms on the same day, admission is free. 

Is my Museumkaart (Museum Card) valid for COMM Live? 

No, your Museum Card only allows for free admission to the museum. 

Can my ticket be refunded if I am unable to attend COMM Live due to unforeseen circumstances? 

Unfortunately, we cannot take unforeseen circumstances into account. However, it is possible to transfer your ticket to someone else. 

Can I exchange my COMM Live ticket for another edition of COMM Live? 

No, you cannot exchange your ticket for another edition. 

Questions about visiting the COMM Museum


Is COMM suitable for children of all ages? 

We have various exhibits, so there is plenty to do and experience. All our exhibits are equally fun for children over the age of 8. Many parts of our exhibits can also be enjoyed by children under the age of 8. They will have a great time during a family trip to COMM. Admission is free for children under the age of 8. 

How long does a visit to COMM usually take? 

An average visit to COMM takes 2 hours. Of course, you can stay in the museum for as long as you want or enjoy lunch in the COMM Lounge. We’d highly recommend visiting our lounge! 

What is the museum’s address? 

COMM is located at Zeestraat 82 in The Hague. 

How can I get to COMM by car? 

From the A12 and N44, follow the Utrechtsebaan towards the Javastraat or Mauritskade. You can easily park your car at Plein 1813 or in the ParkKing parking garage at Mauritskade 4. From here, it takes 3 minutes to walk to COMM. 

How can I get to COMM by public transport? 

The nearest stops are Mauritskade, Javastraat / Alexanderplein. 

Bus: line 22 or 24 (from The Hague Central Station). Take line 22 to the Mauritskade or Javastraat stop. You can take line 24 to the Mauritskade / Alexanderplein stop. 

Tram: Take line 1 (from The Hague Central Station and The Hague Hollands Spoor) and get off at the Mauritskade or Javastraat stop. 

Can I take pictures in the COMM Museum? 

Taking pictures is allowed, but we ask that you do not use a flash to protect our collection. Taking photos for commercial purposes is not allowed. Unfortunately, we cannot allow the use of tripods and selfie sticks because of the risks of knocking over and/or damaging our collection. 

Can I bring my pet to COMM? 

Unfortunately, we can not allow pets in COMM due to our collections. It goes without saying that certified assistance dogs are an exception to this rule. 

Can I get a group discount? 

We have two types of group tickets for small and large groups. You can combine these two ticket types to get to the right number of tickets. For more information about group tickets, click here. 

What does parking cost at COMM? 

ParkKing Mauritskade is a 3-minute walk from COMM. An hourly rate of € 1.75 or a full-day rate of € 22.50 applies here. There is paid parking in the streets surrounding COMM and Plein 1813. 

Can I pay with a credit card? 

Yes, you can pay with a credit card at the COMM ticket desk and online. We accept Visa and Mastercard. 

How much is a ticket for a companion for a disabled person? 

If a disabled visitor depends on a companion, admission to the museum is free for the companion. Other family members and group members will be charged the standard admission price. 

Can I work or have a bite to eat in the COMM Lounge without a ticket to the COMM Museum? 

Yes, you are also welcome in our COMM Lounge during our opening hours if you do not have a museum ticket. 

Is COMM accessible for wheelchair users and disabled people? 

Yes, all floors are accessible to wheelchair users and disabled visitors. Some exhibits may be more difficult to reach for wheelchair users and disabled visitors. 

What are the terms & conditions for COMM visitors? 

You can find our terms & conditions here.