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COMM Museum

Step into the world of communication at COMM. We talk, app, mail, laugh and call without thinking about it. Do you ever wonder what impact this has on you or how people communicated hundreds of years ago without the Internet? You discover it in COMM!

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Changeover position: Paper Magic

Does paper have a future in this digital world? We have been using paper for centuries. First with only words,…

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Guided tours

Interested in a tour in the renewed COMM - Museum for Communication? That is certainly possible.

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VR Tour

Do you want to know what the renewed COMM looks like? Then take a virtual look with the VR tour.

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The Blue Mauritius

A blue rarity  Only 4 unused copies of this Blue Mauritius exist worldwide.  This famous stamp was first issued in…

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The most complex code  The Enigma was not just used in WWII. From 1929 to 1940, PTT used the machine…

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A phone with two million connections. This was PTT’s standard model from 1965 to 1988. The ‘T’ stands for ‘table…

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Bauhaus phone

Bauhaus phone This phone has been specially designed for an ambitious new development project in Frankfurt. The new Neues Frankfurt…

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The smell of a letter. Advert for writing letters (PTT Post, 1997)

More than just words  A letter is a unique story, concealed in an envelope.

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Letterbox from Doesburg post office

Never arrived and unread  All delivery attempts might have failed, but these letters from 1780-1800 have still been preserved.  This…

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Check out COMM’s online collection of stamp designs.

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Post Icons

Post Icons showcases PostNL’s history of designs in a nutshell.

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Phone books

COMM’s collection boasts approximately 1,500 phone books.  In the early years of telephone communications, there were only private concession contr

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Simon de Brienne was a 17th-century postmaster in The Hague. He kept the letters that could not be delivered because…

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