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Applications and publication rights

Donate objects
COMM curates an extensive collection of historical and contemporary objects that relate to our communication culture. Our collection is no longer oriented specifically at the company history of the PTT. Our collection of postman uniforms, caps and bags, as well our telephony and telegraphy collections are complete. Do you have an object that you would like to donate? Please fill in the form. We will do our best to respond within three weeks. 

To donate stamps and documentation on the company history of the PTT, please contact the National Archive by sending an e-mail to 

COMM actively participates in the object loaning network within the conditions of the Dutch Museums Association. For loan requests, please complete and submit this form at least three months in advance. We will try to respond within three weeks. 

The COMM poster collection can be consulted on, where the posters can be downloaded for free. On the websites and you can find images of and more information about objects from our collection. If you want to use images from our collection for an (online) publication, you are obliged to mention our name: “COMM museum for communication, The Hague”. We would also like to receive a copy of the publication for our library. 

We are currently able to honour only a limited number of requests for other images from our collection. Please contact us at for more information about the options and pricing. We will try to respond within three weeks. 

Publishing licenses
As soon as photocopies, scans and prints of materials owned by COMM Museum for Communication (hereinafter COMM) are published, you must obtain a publishing license from us. Publishing licenses are granted on a case by case basis. Publication involves any private or commercial use in any form whatsoever. Lower rates apply to one-off, simultaneous use of larger numbers of photocopies, scans and prints. 

Publishing licenses  Price* 
Publication with a circulation of: 


€ 15 each 
Publication with a circulation of: 


€ 20 each 
Publication with a circulation of: 


€ 30 each 
Publication with a circulation of: 

> 5000 

€ 75 each 
Publication on a website  € 50 each 
Publication through another medium  On request 

Circulation will be estimated by COMM. 

*These costs will be invoiced. 

General delivery terms & conditions
In addition to the publishing licenses described above, COMM has also established the following general delivery terms & conditions with respect to the delivery and publication of copies. 

  • At all times, the source of the image in question must be cited as follows: COMM, Museum for Communication The Hague. 
  • In the event of publication, COMM will always receive a copy to be included in its library. 
  • The image and copyright of photocopies, scans or microfiches is vested in COMM. The client must be aware of possible image and copyrights of third parties. COMM accepts no responsibility or liability for claims made by third parties in this context. 
  • Permission granted by COMM for a one-off publication does not imply permission to sell on any delivered images or to transfer your publication license in any shape or form

Thank you for wanting to donate an object to COMM. We’ll look into every potential donation. To do this efficiently, we ask you to fill in the form.