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COMM Lounge

You are always welcome in the COMM Lounge, even if you do not visit our museum. Walk in at COMM on Zeestraat 82 and you will see the cozy lounge directly on the ground floor. You will find inspiring workspaces, cozy lounge sofas to relax and a cozy café. Of course everything in the atmosphere and the set of communication. You can enjoy lounging, flexing, measuring and eating & drinking.

Meet or work quietly

The COMM Lounge consists of different tables, seating areas and lounge sofas. So you can chat, have a nice lunch, but also work quietly. Need some privacy? Then you can retire to nice corners where you can quietly discuss without others listening in. Working or lounging in the COMM Lounge is completely free and we have excellent WiFi.

Snacks & drinks

Have a nice lunch, chat with a friend or read the newspaper while enjoying a good cappuccino: in the COMM Lounge you can do it all. Enjoying a pastry with coffee? Choose from fresh apple pie, a real Hague Knakker or meringue from Maison Kelder. For lunch we serve rich sandwiches, sandwiches, soup with country bread, fresh salads and kid’s choice options.

Read the COMM Courant for free

Your rest moment is complete with the new COMM Courant, to be found in the Lounge. It’s only available in dutch. Curious? View it online.