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COMM shop

Find the best communication gadgets in the COMM shop. Besides fun gadgets and useful communication products, you’ll also find reproductions of items from our collection. You’ll even see some of the objects and furniture used to decorate the museum in the shop. Love that great lamp in a conference room? Or would you like your very own Smiley chair? Ask us in the shop! 

There are lots of local, unique products in the COMM shop. Have a look at our COMM Shop Instagram for a sneak peek into the collection. 

The old murals made by Peter Alma in 1953 make the COMM Shop a truly remarkable place, featuring colourful images about the post and telecommunications sparking the imagination. This year, following COMM’s reopening, the mural was completely renovated and restored, allowing anyone visiting the museum shop to admire it in all its glory. You will also find a number of Peter Alma products in the museum shop. COMM enlarged the most iconic symbols from Alma’s artwork and placed them proudly on its façade.


You can visit the museum shop during our opening hours. No ticket required.