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Museum collection


COMM Museum has a special and extensive collection. We would like to tell you more about a few of our top pieces. Of course, there is much more to discover in our museum!

Top piece: the chest of De Brienne

Simon de Brienne was a 17th-century postmaster in The Hague. Letters that could not be delivered – because someone could not or did not want to pay for the letter – he has kept. They now form a treasure chest untouched by time: 2600 messages full of gossip, scandals and intrigues. But also the everyday life and the emotions that people had to deal with at that time, are fully in line. Click on ‘Brienne’ in the overview below and read more!

One of the most expensive stamps in the world: the Blue Mauritius
The famous stamp was first issued in 1847, on the island of Mauritius. This is seven years after Britain is the first country in the world to use stamps. The first edition of the rare Blue Mauritius can be recognized by the text POST OFFICE on the left. There is a lot of speculation about the fact that this would be a mistake, the myth that originated around the Blue Mauritius has contributed significantly to the great value of this stamp. Choose “De Blauwe Mauritius” below and discover some fun facts.

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