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Bauhaus phone

This phone has been specially designed for an ambitious new development project in Frankfurt. The new Neues Frankfurt district will solve the housing shortage after the First World War and is built according to the ideas of the new company. No fewer than 12,000 houses have been standardized, built with telephones in every apartment. Architect Ernst May of the Neues Frankfurt moved to the Bauhaus, an influential and progressive training for applied artists, architects and designers in Germany in the 1920s, and telephone manufacturer TEFAG in the project. The design of this model phone from 1927 is attributed to Richard Schadewell and Marcel Breuer. Is the link also called ‘Baulagetelefoon’.

The device is first produced by TEFAG (Telefon Fabrik Aktien Geselschaft) and later by Fuld & Co. The Bauhaus and Fuld & Co. have one thing in common: they can not continue their business on time. The closure starts in 1933. The phone is a question for this device. The NHTM (Dutch House Telephone Company) imports the device. The combination of the uncomplicated appearance, without unnecessary decorations and the good listening and speaking quality of the horn is appreciated.

This model has a black lacquered sheet steel housing and a bakelite horn. The first models of this type have a copper casing, later that of bakelite. The horn has a bullet-shaped cap on the mouthpiece, together with the pleasantly obvious shape of the horn, the result of an extensive research and development process by Schadewell and Breuer, the principle of which ‘form follows function’ is the guiding principle.


Bauhaus phone


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