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Claude Bruyas from Lyon wrote several letters to Tucker, a merchant. This letter does not contain any text, but included a selection of 14 silver and gold wires sold by Bruyas. The wires were attached to the paper with a wax seal. The wires at the top are made of silver (‘arge’, short for the French word argent) and the wires at the bottom are made of gold (‘or’ means gold in French). The letter also indicates the length and gauge of the wires, as well as specifying the price at the end of each line. This letter is a fine example of how a 17th century merchant would advertise his projects. In fact, it is an early example of what would later become a product catalogue. 

Tucker was a gold wire merchant who lived in the Uilenboom in The Hague, a street that still exists to this day and is located near The Hague Central Station.


De Brienne letter: Claude Bruyas to Mr Tucker, 1698


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