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Ja, ik ga akkoord


Find the best communication gadgets in the COMM Shop. In addition to funny gadgets and practical communication products, duplicates from our collection can also be purchased. You even find some objects and pieces of furniture from the museum interior in our store. Are you a fan of that nice lamp in a meeting room or do you want to sit on that Smiley chair more often? Ask us about the possibilities.

In the COMM Shop you will find many local and unique products. Take a look at COMM Shop Instagram for a sneak peek in the collection.

What makes the COMM Shop so special are the old murals by Peter Alma from 1953. The colorful presentation about communication by post and telecom is very appealing. This year – after the reopening of COMM – this mural has been restored and restored. The painting can be admired by anyone visiting the museum shop. You will also find a number of articles by Peter Alma in the museum shop. The most iconic symbols from Alma’s image statistics have been enlarged by COMM and placed on the fa├žade.


Je kunt onze shop tijdens de openingstijden bezoeken. Een ticket heb je hier niet voor nodig.